Media whose only agenda is you.

Central Pennsylvania’s PBS and NPR station sought to undertake a human-centered research and design process to better align their unique programming with new demographics and a constantly changing streaming media ecosystem.


Understanding motivation

Research · Identity Redesign · Marketing Plan

Our work with WITF began with extensive research to understand their existing audience and the potential audience they could begin to engage more effectively. We delved into the audience’s motivators for engagement through a series of listening sessions, interviews, and observation of modern media frameworks. The process required open minds, testing, experimentation, and optimization.

Key Motivators

Curiosity, Community, Connection 

Let’s Discover

After a period of extensive research and analysis, common threads and shared narratives began to emerge. With it, came WITF’s brand north star: Media whose only agenda is you. WITF’s vision for an engaged community alive with empathy and curiosity, inspired by and connected through public media, rang true with its legacy but also embraced new lenses to focus their mission through by rededicating themselves to providing enriching, accessible and inclusive education, news, and entertainment to their community.

Design options


The concept of “lifelong curiosity” rang truest to both internal stakeholders and audiences.

This was the foundation for the revitalized brand platform.

Before we laid pencil to paper, it was important to synthesize our learnings into Brand Pillars: fundamental principles all parties could agree upon that would guide all creative decisions. The pillars are: In service of the public, in pursuit of curiosity and wonder, in reflection of the entire community, and in coverage of your neighborhood and beyond.

The new identity positions WITF as a portal to curiosity and discovery, illustrating how public media can provide new perspectives and calling attention to the stories all around us.

The symbol invites the audience to focus, examine and see things in a new light, eschewing the sound, fury, and noise of everyday media. Importantly, it places emphasis on WITF’s content and the curation of perspectives that makes WITF unique.


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