A Nation’s Promise

The Gettysburg Foundation oversees the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center. It’s the best place to start when planning your visit to the battlefields of Gettysburg.


Our goal was to update the Foundation’s web presence to better serve a new generation of visitors and in doing so, better connect them to the dramatic and hallowed narrative that occurred there.

     We focused on creating a more seamless UX experience that could rival any other national landmark. Thematically we took up the challenge of communicating such an integral storied piece of our history. The ambition of the design had to match the magnitude of the narrative but serve as an invisible window to better engage with Gettysburg, not compete with it. As such we poured over and integrated the Foundation’s photography as well as archival typography and visitor instagram photos.

We created an interactive tour planner, an upgraded ticketing experience and a VIP “Friends of Gettysburg” portal.


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